All B.I. Investigators have a Law Enforcement background with experience and expertise in various types of investigations.

Video Surveillance, Insurance Claims

Our investigators have been following claimants for up to 10 years. Our goal is to obtain as much video as possible and let you determine if the claim is warranted. Video obtained during the investigation can be returned to the client on CD or DVD.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

B.I. will conduct pre-employment background checks which could help protect the employer’s assets.

Death Investigations

Often the conclusion of the initial death investigation results in controversy and leaves unanswered questions. B.I. can provide answers and/or clarify these questions. We possess the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough follow-up.

Court Checks and Documentation Retrieval

B.I. works with experienced court researchers to conduct court and public record searches.

Obtain Statements

B.I. investigators conduct interviews and obtain recorded statements as requested by the client.

Theft and Fraud Investigations

B.I. investigators approach these cases as if the file will be turned over to a prosecutor for review. Collecting evidence, taking statements, and preparing detailed reports are part of our investigations.

Dramshop Investigations

The financial exposure in a Dramshop case is usually very significant. B.I. can assist with obtaining the true facts to assure the liable party is identified.

Michigan Criminal History, Michigan Driving Record, Vehicle Registration Plate, Copies of Michigan Accident Reports

B.I. is linked directly with the Michigan State Police and Michigan Secretary of State. Lawfully obtained information can be instantly provided to the client.