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Since 1996, Brooks Investigations, LLC has provided quality, professional investigative services. We are experienced, thorough, responsive and timely. Our chief goal is to ensure our clients’ confidentiality and provide them with accurate information in a well written, formatted report. We are guided by our beliefs in integrity and high standards, and have created a company culture that supports and upholds the delivery of quality service. We are licensed, insured and bonded.

  • We “Minimize Risk” for Insurance Adjusters, Third Party Administrators, Risk Managers and Self-Insured by providing surveillance and on claimants to uncover their daily activities and behaviors, identifying and interviewing potential witnesses, and conducting thorough background checks.
  • We help Family Law Attorneys “Obtain Better Settlements” by helping them learn what is really happening. We do this through conducting surveillance, and finding property and assets that may have been omitted or hidden.
  • Our skill in covert surveillance, identifying and interviewing witnesses, and uncovering prior incidents involving a claim will “Save Money and Avoid Costly Litigation” for Insurance Defense Attorneys.
  • We help Estate and Probate Attorneys “Protect the Assets of their Clients” and “Locate Heirs”. Their clients will feel confident that the assets of their loved ones will be protected and long lost heirs will be found.
  • Whether you are a Corporate Attorney or Corporate Counsel we will help you “Protect Your Assets and Brand.” We do this through covertly surveilling employees suspected of selling and distributing intellectual property/counterfeiting intellectual property, and improperly diverting products, Monitoring trademark and intellectual property through investigating companies’ products, identifying counterfeiting and improper diversion of products.

“I contacted Brooks investigations with an urgent issue which required researching a grave offense from the late 1980’s. They started working immediately, and though they hit several snags because it was so long ago, they were able to find exactly what I needed very quickly.  Candace is a former police officer; she is wise and has a great network of connections. She is also a great person to work with and she sincerely cared about my case. It was a relief to know “Brooks Investigations was on the case!”  I highly recommend Candace and Brooks investigations!”

Sue A., Florida

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